Signature Theatre Brochures

Editorial Design
Projects Overview
Signature Theatre creates program brochures for every one of their musicals and plays, all of which require variations in designs and layout to best structure the content for that show. Shows are also grouped by year-long seasons, pictured below is the design for the season preview brochure.
Scope: 2 weeks per brochure
Project Roles: Typography, design, and layout
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
2023 / 24 Season Brochure
The season preview brochure provides an early look into the musicals and plays showing that year, as well as cabarets, special events, and educational programs including student-led shows. This 2023 / 24 season brochure design was created in a playful, diagonal mosaic layout that provides equal emphasis to each show. The design was mimicked on the inside spread to provide an overview of the experience you would have attending shows at the theatre.
Selling Kabul
"A suspenseful drama about family and sacrifice from an exciting new voice. In 2013, a sister secretly shelters her translator brother from an increasingly powerful Taliban while he awaits the ever-delayed arrival of a promised American visa. On the eve of his son’s birth, the walls begin to close in, threatening him, her and everyone they love in a heart-racing exposé with devastating echoes to the present day. Breathtaking and unpredictable through the final curtain, this unflinching exploration exposes the human toll of American withdrawal."
Pacific Overtures
"A stunning exploration of tradition and transformation based on historical events. In 1853, after 200 years of stability, Japan faces an American expedition determined to open the 'floating kingdom' to trade. The isolationist island’s reckoning with the unwelcome western influence is brilliantly illuminated through a kaleidoscope of stories about sailors, samurai, 'someone in a tree' and two friends who choose radically different paths. This innovative epic of East meets West is one of Sondheim’s most ambitious and rarely produced musicals."
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