EVO™ Brand Design

Process Documentation
Project Overview
EVO™ is a renewable energy company that strives to aid forward-thinking businesses and governments pursue a brighter, more efficient, and more resilient future. EVO's greener solutions come from blue-sky thinking built on decades of expertise and an unwavering commitment to progress.
Scope: September 2020-November 2020
Project Type: Company logos and branding for corporate design and branding course
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Competitive Analysis
I studied the designs of other renewable energy companies with similar goals to EVO and determined that the best visual styles and branding were clear, minimalistic, and approachable.
Logo Design
I created 50 sketches of possible logo designs, and chose the best five for further development. The selected design was then perfected through type studies and mark refinements in order to effectively represent EVO as a company.

The final design's shape resembles a recycling symbol as a reminder of EVO's commitment to cleaner energy, and the abstract landscape within represents the five sources of energy that the company offers.
Business Stationery
Letterhead (8.5'' x 11''), Business Card Front/Back (3.5'' x 2''), Mailing Label (4.25'' x 2.625''), Business Envelope (9.5'' x 4.125'').
I designed several mockups of items useful to employees to further the branding of EVO. Pictured are designs edited in Photoshop for a polo t-shirt, reusable water bottle, mousepad, and company cargo van.
Collateral Materials
EVO as a renewable energy company needs to portray a consistent and approachable experience to its clients. Conveying clear information on its services as well as advertising for a cleaner and more sustainable future were the main goals of the materials. Displayed are designs for a folder (front/back), sales sheet (front/back), two online ad banners, and two brochure covers.
Graphic Standards Guide
An overview for best use practices of the EVO brand as well as an in-depth look into designs of previously mentioned materials can be viewed in the PDF version.
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