Book Design and Publication

Process Documentation
Project Overview
For my senior capstone project at George Mason University I created Covert Tactics, a short book that highlights the roles and achievements of World War 2 female agents and resistance fighters. With my research, I also aimed to give new, and lesser-known perspectives to the significant events of World War II.
Scope: February 2022-April 2022
Project Roles: Book concept development, research, writing, illustration, design, publishing, and presentation
Tools: Photoshop, InDesign, Premier Rush
Information and content on female spies is currently sparse, so research consisted of notes from three historical novels detailing different approaches to resistance and espionage. After compiling and re-writing my notes into a style similar to the historical novels, I designed the text and image layouts to match project requirements and sections.

Illustrations were created to match and further clarify events of each story. Additional research was required to match the clothing, accessories, hairstyles, buildings, and much more to the time period and location of each story. All images were drawn digitally, with the larger and more detailed images taking an entire day to sketch, color, and render.

After final content approval, I designed a poster similar to the book cover as well as created a video detailing the content of the book and why it had been important for me to tell these stories. We were also instructed to find a book publisher / printer to have a physical version of our books. I really enjoyed the process of creating and publishing my final project as I was able to combine so many of my interests: history, design, and illustration.
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